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Thursday Items

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-- Mary Easley was informed that she was let go because of "the recent economic downturn." Wink wink. YOU FOLLOWING ME, CAMERA GUY? In truth, my completely not bogus sources tell me, NCSU officials invoked university bylaw 12, section four, clause A-7, better known as the Holy Hot Goddamn This Here Is Some Shit clause. For obvious but regrettable legal reasons, that could not be publicized.

-- "Without my hair, what would I blow-dry?" Watch General Ray Odierno, who holds a masters in Nuclear Effects Engineering from NC State and is the Commanding General of Multi-National Force-Iraq, shave Stephen Colbert's head.

-- Nice article about Scott Wood from the Indy Star:

But the danger of labeling Wood as "a shooter" is to think of him only as a shooter.

"I've never coached anybody like him," said Joe Luce, Wood's high school coach. "He's the kind of kid you want to date your daughter because he's such a great kid, but there's a toughness about him you might not pick up on at first. He reminds me of a guy like (Purdue's) Robbie Hummel. He plays to win."