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News From TOB's Monday Presser: James Washington Out For The Year

Tom O'Brien announced today that James Washington will miss the remainder of the season because of a knee injury suffered in practice.  Bob Wischusen wishes Robert Bell a speedy recovery.  Also from the press conference:

In your first year you had a bye week and the team really took off, is this a similar situation?

No this one is different. The first year we were here we were doing different things with different people and what we were coaching them wasn't what they were capable of doing. We changed some guys position to fit what we had to do to win. That certainly is not the case this year. We know what we want to do. We just haven't gotten the execution out of some of the guys we have to get the execution out of, specifically in third down situations to get off the field.

The depth chart for the Florida State game is available here.  This week's solutions to all the secondary's problems include C.J. Wilson, who's gotten the nod at boundary corner now that Rashard Smith is unavailable, and freshman Gary Grant, who will play behind DeAndre Morgan at the other corner spot.  Paging Superman.  Superman to the front desk.


-- The start time for the UMD/NCSU game won't be announced until this weekend.  Duke/Carolina will get the ESPN360 treatment, which means it is very possible that the Pack's game will be shown by an actual television network. 

-- Tomahawk Nation offers an exhaustive look at how FSU's offense took down UNC's D.  Works well as a preview for Saturday.