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Okay But Only Because We Have To

It feels 2006ish this week, doesn't it?  That was the last time we entered Thanksgiving weekend with nothing to play for, matched up against an in-state rival that did, with the outcome all but assured.  The differences lie only in the path we've taken to arrive at the suck and in the increased likelihood that the Pack has an interest in winning the game.

I didn't think I would ever have to relive that week.  I should've known better.

Tom O'Brien was right about the timing of this rivalry game, but it seems he needed to worry less about ACC title implications and more about the potential for embarrassment should his team's season go south.  Either way, no one we could schedule in this spot could add more insult to injury than North Carolina.  Back in August, I liked the idea of finishing with the Heels, but then I also liked the idea of this football season in general.  Now I wish we could have gotten this over with in October.  I would've dreaded this game like I always do (stupid heartbreaking '90s), but at least by this point there would be no lingering effects.

Yeesh, what a pity party this post ended up being.  I'm not really this bummed, just ready for the end of the ordeal.