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NC State 69, New Orleans 52

Four Factors NC State
New Orleans
eFG% 56.8 38.9
Turnover Rate 20.5 20.5
Off Reb Rate 24.0 34.1
FT Rate 56.8 6.3


UNO 52 63.4 82.0 108.9
NCSU 69 63.4 108.9 82.0

Box Score

-- New Orleans had 14 shots blocked (Vandenberg got three of them in seven minutes) and shot just 36.2% inside the arc, Richard Howell made his debut,Tracy Smith was back in typical form, and C.J. Williams finally got himself going offensively. 

-- Javi is averaging nearly nine assists per 40 minutes and has an assist percentage of 48.1, which ranks 4th nationally here in the early going.

-- This is the fourth time State has forced an opponent to turn the ball over 20+ percent of the time.  The number of times State did that last season: four.