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NC State 75, Georgia Southern 57

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Four Factors NC State
Ga Southern
eFG% 69.6 41.8
Turnover Rate 24.2 12.9
Off Reb Rate 28.6 30.6
FT Rate 17.6 29.1


GSU 57 61.9 92.0 121.1
NCSU 75 61.9 121.1 92.0


Box Score

-- The four starters not named Scott Wood missed six shots between them and NC State hit a rather absurd 28 of 34 two-point attempts (82.4%).  The Macrowave was a perfect 7-for-7 over the final 20 minutes...I think he enjoys playing these midget teams.  Still gotta work on the free throw shooting, though.

-- The Pack's defensive effort in the second half wasn't nearly as good but they did at least lock down the defensive glass, and the offense exploded for the second consecutive game.

-- Josh Davis's nickname, per Tim Peeler, is "Go Hard," and while that's appropriate, we've got to come up with something catchier.