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Individual Stats Now Available

Here.  W-L projections are out as well: 19-12, 6-10.  Sounds about right at this point.

-- With Tracy Smith taking such a huge chunk of the shots, the leftovers are being distributed pretty evenly throughout the rest of the lineup.  Everybody else getting significant minutes is taking between 15%-22% of the shots.  In that regard, they're a little like this team.

-- Javi's assist rate ranks fourth nationally and is tops among power conference players.


-- Ed Davis, Deon Thompson, Ty Zeller...not a bad frontcourtWill Graves should probably shoot less often.

-- Four ACC schools rank in the top ten in effective height. Ugh.

-- At least Ish Smith isn't turning the ball over quite as often.

-- Clemson needs a hero and the person for that job, clearly, is Ray Dungeon.

-- Tough start for Greivis Vasquez.

-- Iman Shumpert is still killing possessions with great frequency, but Georgia Tech's heralded freshman class is panning out well and their offense is vastly improved.  If they can find a way to cut down on the turnovers...

-- Andre Dawkins holy crap.

-- Look at all those ugly turnover rates.  Scoring points in the paint against FSU has been virtually impossible, and it looks like they're following the same win-ugly-with-defense model they did last season.

-- Note the number of possessions in the VMI/Seton Hall game, which ended in regulation.  Who do I have to bribe to get VMI on the schedule?  Or at least on TV?  That system of theirs is epically self-defeating (just look at their FG% D) but so much fun.