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Northwestern 65, NC State 53

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Four Factors NC State
eFG% 35.7 55.1
Turnover Rate 20.2 24.9
Off Reb Rate 30.0 34.5
FT Rate 33.9 32.7


NW 65 64.3 101.1 82.4
NCSU 53 64.3 82.4 101.1


Box Score

NC State's defensive effort was good enough to earn the win tonight, but the offense was just... uh, highlighting how much of a work in progress this team is.  Northwestern scored 1.15 points per trip in the first half on the strength of 65.4% shooting but was limited to 0.89 pts/poss in the second.  But the Pack's offense continued to lay bricks in the second half, ultimately wasting a good opportunity to yoink this one away from the Wildcats.

Oh well.  We knew there were gonna be days like this offensively.  Plenty more ahead.

A trend to watch: our rebounding effort has gone out the window in the second half of just about every game we've played this season.  Fatigue?  Losing the battle to Northwestern in particular is inexcusable.