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Wake Forest 67, NC State 59

Four Factors NC State
Wake Forest
eFG% 38.7 45.1
Turnover Rate 22.9 22.9
Off Reb Rate 36.2 43.9
FT Rate 30.6 37.7


WFU 67 70 95.7 84.3
NCSU 59 70 84.3 95.7


Box Score

Opportunity was there--Wake clicked in fits and starts but didn't play well at the offensive end overall and averaged less than a point per possession.  But State couldn't shoot for shit, hitting 28.6% of its threes and 36.6% of its twos.  After Dennis Horner cut the Deacs' lead to four, the Pack missed several chip shots on ensuing possessions, let the Deacs score an easy put back after a missed free throw, and they never seriously threatened again.

NC State's bench scored seven points on 2-15 shooting.