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Karl Hess Scheduled To Work The NC State/Arizona Game

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Guess who's coming to dinner!

Sean Miller is perhaps even less thrilled about this than we are:

Ironically, UA coach Sean Miller expressed concern about officiating for Wednesday's game last month. He said ACC official Karl Hess had an "individual problem with me," a problem, considering Hess is scheduled to work Wednesday's game. Miller then said he would not comment further about Hess.

Hess officiated two of Arizona's games in Maui last month and T'd Miller up during the late stages of one of them.

Sean Miller’s full remarks on ACC official Karl Hess, who called a technical against Miller with 6:57 to go in the second half.

"I said, ‘Watch the three seconds, watch the three seconds,’ " Miller said. "That’s a tough one in the world of college basketball. That really is.
"I think he has an individual problem with me. It’s something when we get back to Tucson, I really have to address. I want to make sure that our team has the best opportunity to win.
"I thought the game was very well officiated but when you get a tech at the eight minute mark for saying `Watch the three seconds," that’s a tough one. I just ask: Is that the standard for all coaches across the board when he referees?"

For several minutes after postgame interviews were concluded, Miller spoke animatedly with ESPN analyst Jay Bilas outside the Lahaina Civic Center.

Once Miller got back to Tucson, he decided against addressing the issue publicly.