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Hello And Welcome

When I first started blogging back in 2004, I did it because I needed the outlet and because there's no emoticon for what I'm feeling!, but also because I thought the following years were going to be worth chronicling.  The basketball program was fresh off its third consecutive NCAA tournament appearance, and in the afterglow of the Philip Rivers era, football seemed poised for big things.  Well, oops to that.

I survived those unexpectedly difficult years with my sanity intact  and my liver functional (though I'm not sure it's got another basketball season in it), and now that both programs are perhaps beginning to right themselves, it kinda feels like 2004 all over again.  Just without the impending doom.

On that note, I'd like to welcome you to Backing The Pack, the new SB Nation blog focusing on NC State athletics.  If you've come over from the old place, thank you, and I hope that you'll make the permanent move with me.  If you're reading me for the first time, I hope I can eventually convince you to make this a regular stop.  My content now comes with more pretty, but other than that, nothing's going to change.

I encourage you to register an account and have a look around at some of the blog's new features.  In addition to a far superior commenting system, the new site also offers some great interactive tools; namely, FanPosts and FanShots.

If you've got an opinion about something, or want to share some statistical analysis, or relate the various ways in which you love Tracy Smith (preferably in haiku form), you'll want to write a FanPost, which you can think of as a diary or reader blog section. (A minimum of 75 words is required for a FanPost.)

If you just want to share a quick link, or a photo of you expressing your love to Tracy Smith, you want a FanShot.

I can bump both FanPosts and FanShots to the main page, and the more folks that are involved, the stronger this community will be.  Jump you right on in there.