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Mary Easley Would Like To Continue Being A Distraction

Easley will contest her dismissal:

Former First Lady Mary Easley, whose contract with N.C. State was terminated earlier this month, plans to appeal her dismissal.

Easley indicated her intentions in a letter delivered to the university Monday. Easley's attorney, Marvin Schiller, declined to comment Monday on the letter.

Easley has been at the center of a storm at NCSU since the details of her pay became public last summer. Administrators failed to follow UNC system guidelines in giving her an 88 percent pay raise while expanding her job duties.

Which confirms that the letter she wrote following her dismissal was a complete load of crap:

"It has been one of the great privileges of my life to work with the brilliant and creative people at NC State," Easley wrote. "It has been a joy to teach, encourage and help the students.

"I urge all of the North Carolina State family to now focus on the best welfare of the students and be mindful of the great tradition of the university system in North Carolina."

Yes, clearly she's very concerned about the best welfare of NC State and its students.  You know what would be even more to the school's benefit, Mary?  A lawsuit.  That would absolutely be helpful in all sorts of ways.  Do it for the kids.  Not nearly enough taxpayer money has been wasted during this fiasco.