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Friday Items

-- Ben McCauley's summer league numbers:

 %Min  ORtg  %Poss  %Shots  eFG%  OR%  DR%  TO%  Pts/40  Rebs/40
McCauley  58.0  109.8  22.0  24.8 51.9 15.4 40.7  15.2  20.3  19.0




He slumped a bit from the field in their last two games, but still, the overall picture is pretty impressive.  Those rebounding numbers are unreal.

-- Jim Young spoke with James Henderson about basketball and football recruiting.

-- College Football Live's 50 States Tour will hit North Carolina on August 5th.

-- ESPNU will air some coverage of the bass fishing team's national title effort on August 5th and August 9th.

-- QT's all GQ these days.