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A Day In Willie Young's Life And Other Items

-- From WRAL: a day in the life of Willie Young.  It's a long day...I don't know how college athletes do it.  I used to complain if I had a class before 9:30.  I remember sitting in a class one time and hearing the girl next to me explain to someone that she dropped one of her classes because she couldn't handle getting up before 10:00.  I know, right?

-- Shit, you guys.  I was so preoccupied with the previous post that I forgot the White Sox were playing this afternoon and missed Mark Buehrle's perfect game.  Hawk Harrelson absolutely got sexually aroused by Dewayne Wise's HR-robbing catch in the 9th inning. (See 1:20 mark.)

-- 99.9 FM briefly interviewed Owen Spencer.

-- Athlon previews the football team.

-- Warm up your couch's ass groove--ESPN has released its college football broadcast schedule.

-- True, true.