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The ACC Football Kickoff And Other Items

-- Willie Young and Jamelle Eugene spoke to the media yesterday at the ACC Football Kickoff.  Young talks about trying to fish in Greensboro, among other things, while Eugene says he's focused about taking it "one play at a time, and one drive at a time."

More from Willie:

On what ACC team has the edgiest fans: "There's something about Wake Forest. Those people there hate us for some reason. Whenever our bus pulls into town, they're out there flipping us off."


Young was later asked a question about the North Carolina football program and what the Tar Heels are building under Butch Davis and quickly flashed a smile.

"North Carolina?" he said. "I don't know anything about those guys over there. I don't know anything about them. For real. All I know is we come out and play once a year and try to tear each other's heads off with no sympathy. Other than that, it's balls to the wall with them."

And here's Tim Peeler's story.

-- The News & Record's Q&A with John Swofford.

-- A joint TV network?

Another intriguing possibility was raised in a question by Media Watch columnist Brett Friedlander. Brett noted that the Sports Business Journal has reported that there have been discussions of a joint network between the ACC and either the Big 12 or the PAC-10.

The ACC/Pac-10 Network: nuts and gum, together at last.

-- I never knew this existed: the D.H Hill color wall.  There is an ongoing effort to raise money in order to fix the broken wall.

-- NC State alum and golf pro Marc Turnesa talks about his family's golf legacy.