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Media Day Roundup

-- TOB spoke at length with the media on Monday; Pack Pride has the excerpts and the audio.

The schedule is what it is. The whole thing about playing Carolina at the end, it has nothing to do with playing Carolina. As I said to somebody, we'll play them in the parking lot if they want to play this afternoon. I really don't care when we play them.

I think if we're going to have a football league, and be a major player, you can't be playing games like that when you might be playing each other again the next week.

That was the whole intent of my statement. It had to do with the conference in trying to make us a viable player if we're going to be a conference. Last year, Boston College had to beat Maryland to get [in the title game]. It wasn't a big deal. Those things have to be big deals if we go on, if we're going to be a player at the national level.

More on the scheduling issue from WRAL.

-- Russell Wilson stories from Tim Peeler and the AP.

-- Owen Spencer has been practicing during the off-season, which is good.

-- NC State plans to move ahead with or without Irving.

-- Toney Baker is ready to get going with this thing already.

Other items:

-- The N&O caught up with Pete Strickland.

-- Before eventually coming to its senses, the NCAA docked Clemson two fall practices for...illegal underwear?  That's so ridiculous I'm shocked it didn't happen to us first. (Boo hoo, Clemson.  We would've lost scholarships.)

-- Watching the Tigers game on ESPN last night, it finally occurred to me why Brandon Costner hasn't been so good at basketball the last couple of years.  He's actually Miguel Cabrera.