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More Modest QB Numbers In Scrimmage #2

-- Tom O'Brien didn't release individual stats for the offense, but thanks to Twitter updates from PackFootball, we know that Russell Wilson was responsible for both touchdown passes during the scrimmage.  One to Darrell Davis, one to Owen Spencer.  The quarterbacks combined to go 23-40 (57.5%) for 198 yards.  So we've seen the QBs held to very modest yards-per-attempt in both scrimmages, which hopefully says more about how the defense is playing than it does about the guys under center.

-- After practice, TOB confirmed that Nate Irving will miss the 2009 season.  A medical specialst told Irving on Thursday that he is going to need another six months of rehab.

"[The doctor] said it would be best if Nate sat out this year," O'Brien said Thursday after his team conducted its second scrimmage of the preseason at Carter-Finley Stadium. "We will plan to play without. Certainly, if he heals miraculously and is able to make it back, we'll see him then.

"But with the traumatic compilation of three different body parts, it is best he sits out this year."

Irving tried not to let the disappointment of the announcement get to him emotionally. He knows that he is fortunate to have survived the accident.

"To be [standing] here today, I am blessed," Irving said. "To have another chance to play football on down the road is another blessing. I don't have any complaints."

PackPride has the audio.

-- Other notes from Peeler's article: Desmond Roberts has left the program, Michael Lemon is in camp, Everett Proctor tore his labrum and will sit out the 2009 season.

-- Kicker Josh Czajkowski modified his kicking motion to one that puts less stress on his body, in the hopes that this would prevent injuries down the road.  He admitted that he's still not comfortable with the change and that he would go back to his old form for Thursday's scrimmage.  He hit all three of his field goal attempts yesterday, though they were all from inside 40 yards.

-- Steve Spurrier's reaction to the news that his team is a 3.5 point dog in the opener:

"We’re underdogs at N.C. State. Y’all know that, don’t you? Our team knows that, too. Nobody thinks we’re worth a crap. So they know that. I told ‘em, and we’ll keep telling ‘em until they earn any respect around this country. So we’re just a rag-tag bunch right now."

There's the respect card.  Numerous chip-on-shoulder type quotations to be forthcoming.

-- Can a disgraced chancellor catch a break around here?  Sheesh.

The UNC Board of Governors decided during a closed session Friday that Oblinger will receive a pay rate of his most recent earnings for the first two months. For the remaining four months, he will receive a normal faculty salary to be determined later.

Following Oblinger's research leave, he will assume the duties of his tenured position and will earn a normal faculty salary.

Apologies for the harsh treatment, Jimbo, but we can't let your embarrassing actions go unpunished.  You understand.