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USC Defensive End Arrested, Plus Other Items

-- South Carolina may be without defensive end Clifton Geathers on the 3rd...

USC starting defensive end Clifton Geathers faces three charges after he was arrested following an incident at a Vista nightclub early Sunday morning.

Geathers, 21, is charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness after Columbia police, responding to a fight between Geathers and a bouncer at Club Ice, struggled to detain the 6-foot-8, 281-pound Geathers.

Geathers was arrested at 3:10 AM, proving once again that nothing good happens after 2 AM.

-- The Sporting News likes the Wolfpack quite a bit, and so does ESPN analyst Ed Cunningham:

WE SAY: N.C. State will be in position to win the Atlantic Division until mid-November.

ESPN analyst ED CUNNINGHAM says: "I'm taking issue with the words until mid-November, which are probably used because of late road games against Florida State, Boston College and Virginia Tech. N.C. State will be in a position to win the Atlantic on November 28 at home against North Carolina. The Wolfpack were solid down the stretch in 2008 and have two good lines returning. They're good enough to compete with any ACC team if Russell Wilson can simply remain as turnover-resistant as he was in '08."

I'll be ready to buy that when the defense shows it can stop people.

-- Coming in at an average weight of 314.8 pounds, NC State has the second-beefiest offensive line in the league.

-- A new commercial was shot for the Red Means Go campaign last week.  It'll debut on Sept. 3rd.

-- I guess the white-out thing isn't a rumor.  Since they're giving every student a white t-shirt, they may actually pull it off.  One bit of confusion with regards to the shirts, though: there's only one Carolina 'round these parts that I'm aware of, and that Carolina isn't the week 1 opponent.