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2009-2010 NC State Basketball Schedule Released

NC State opens at home with Georgia State in mid-November before heading down to Daytona for the Glenn Wilkes Litmus Test Classic.

Filling in the last few OOC blanks are:

Georgia Southern (at Reynolds Coliseum) -- With no rotation mainstay taller than 6-7, they were killed in the paint in terms of both FG% and rebounding.  Theirs was one of the nation's ten worst defenses, and the offense wasn't a whole lot better.  This is one team that won't be exploiting us in the blocks.

Elon -- They'll be without their two primary contributors from 2009--Brett James and Ola Atoyebi.  In Atoyebi's case, that's a real shame, because he was an outstanding player in the SoCon last season and I really would have liked to hear Gary Hahn try to pronounce his name for two hours.

Winthrop -- Everybody's back, which is good and bad: they were decent enough defensively, but whew, these guys could not score to save their lives.  Behold all those ugly 3FG%s.

Holy Cross -- Along with American, Bill Simmons U. was the class of the Patriot league in 2009; unfortunately they ran into that American team in the conference tournament and there their season ended.  They could prove frustrating for the Wolfpack, as they forced a lot of turnovers and locked down the defensive glass last season.  Note to students: this team includes the dynamic Andrew Keister and Eric Meister duo.  Sign ideas and...go! Keister & Meister, Shoe Repairmen And Attorneys At Law. Ass & Guy Incorporated.

I wonder if every time Eric Meister introduces himself as Mr. Meister he immediately breaks into song. "Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again..."

NC Central -- Playing Central is pointless because their program is so bad they don't offer even the slightest hope of doing our strength of schedule a favor (though that doesn't matter this year).  Nonetheless, I hope we play them every year for eternity just for the amusement.