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Season Tickets Sold Out, Plus Other Items

-- Despite the tough economy, NC State football season tickets are sold out, though there are some individual tickets left for both I-AA opponents and Duke.

-- Who still loves ya, baby?

If it's Friday night in Gainesville and the Florida Gators are playing a football game the next day at The Swamp, Tim Tebow deserves a hotel room. How could he sleep in his apartment? He could not. He deserves a hotel room, and dammit, the University of Florida will spend the money to get him -- and his teammates, at a cost of roughly $40,000 for the season -- that room.

And it's the same thing at Oklahoma with Sam Bradford. And at North Carolina State with, um, whoever plays quarterback for North Carolina State.

-- Dave Glenn's interview with Anthony Hill.

-- They'll be without the services of a defensive tackle and a defensive end next Thursday, and another lineman has a bad knee, but the Gamecocks say they aren't overly concerned about the DL.

-- So I guess we didn't recruit this dude?