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I Don't Suppose Any Of You Can Play Defensive Back

down with homework
down with homework

More bad news, as TOB announced today that Jimmaul Simmons decided to quit the team and school.

NC State is now down two players in the secondary, which would have been the team's weakest area even with Simmons and Dominique Ellis.  Considering how bad the team's pass defense was in 2008--last in the ACC in passing yards allowed per game, 11th in yards allowed per attempt, last in TD passes allowed, last in opponents' completion percentage--these losses are alarming to say the least.

Not sure what we'll do at this point.  Maybe we could put a cardboard cutout of a scary monster in centerfield in an effort to discourage passes down field.  Or have a coed play safety and flash the opposing QB on every pass play.  But I'm sure the coaches have already thought of these things.

(Note to the defensive line: guys, I'm not saying we need a superhuman pass-rushing effort, but...would you mind?  Thanks.)

Aside from the Simmons news, it was an uneventful, rain-shortened first day of practice.

GoPack recaps it, TOB talks to the media about it, Ken Tysiac shares some thoughts.