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Checking In On Pittsburgh, And Other Items

-- Sounds like generating offense could be a big problem for the Wannstache this season:

LeSean McCoy handled the ball on 35 percent of the Panthers' offensive snaps, accounted for 40 percent of their total yards from scrimmage ands scored more touchdowns than the rest of the offense combined. He was one of only five players nationally over 300 carries for the season, and joined Beanie Wells as the only players averaging at least 20 carries in both 2007 and 2008. With McCoy, backup/one-time starter LaRod Stephens-Howling and last year's top two targets all moving on, the offense is totally bereft of proven playmakers.

-- Matt Hayes thinks NC State is the BCS team that needs the most to go right in August.

-- To date, the athletics department has sold about 900 fewer football season tickets than it did in 2008.

N.C. State's numbers are similar to North Carolina's. Season-ticket sales for the Wolfpack were just short of 36,600 on Monday.

For the past eight years, N.C. State has sold out its season tickets. The 2008 total was 37,500. N.C. State assistant athletics director Brian Kelly said the economy has taken a toll.

"When we did our non-renewal phone calls, there were definitely some fans that said that, and we completely understand," Kelly said.

Between a new season ticket payment plan and new two-game mini-packs, Lee Fowler is optimistic that they will sell out.  Though those two-packs ($87 for South Carolina and Murray State, $80 for Clemson and Gardner-Webb) aren't especially attractive offers.

-- Harold Riggins is featured on the front page of Baseball America's college section.  The article, alas, is behind a subscriber wall.  Which is too bad, since I'm curious how they figure Riggins--who has struck out 93 times in 280 ABs between college and the Northwoods League--is not a strikeout prone slugger. Despite the whiffs, he killed the Northwoods League to the tune of .302/.355/.497.