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Vermiglio, Eugene, Morgan Out For Murray State

The full list:

Mario Carter, TE - knee
Denzelle Good, OL - shoulder
Nate Irving, LB - leg
Colby Jackson, FB - knee
Everett Proctor, QB – shoulder

Donald Bowens, WR – knee
Wayne Crawford, C – foot
DeAndre Morgan, CB – ankle
Jeff Rieskamp, DE - hip
Javon Walker, S - knee
Jamelle Eugene, HB - knee
Jake Vermiglio, OT - lower leg

Not surprising that Vermiglio and Eugene are being held out since now is the time.  Let's just hope they're ready for Pittsburgh.

A couple of unrelated notes:

-- In case you didn't get the email from the Wolfpack Club this morning, SFN has all the details on the changes to Carter-Finley traffic flow.

-- Toney Baker is contributing--dictating, in fact; feet propped up on desk, cigar in hand, reporter typing furiously--to Technician throughout the football season.

-- This week in TOB quotations: "We have to score a touchdown."  I tend to agree.