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Making Progress

The important takeaways from Saturday:

"We did (get better)," O’Brien said. "From a technical standpoint, we were in a good position, running routes the right way, and the quarterback was throwing the ball on time."

More from TOB's Monday press conference.

The depth chart for the Gardner-Webb game is available here (still no Vermiglio, Eugene, or Morgan).  Freshmen DBs Earl Wolff and Rashard Smith will start again; O'Brien likes what he's seen from both of them, Smith especially:

Smith was the only player on the field who wasn't fooled by a reverse on Murray State's second play from scrimmage, according to O'Brien. Smith didn't make the tackle but slowed Marcus Harris enough so Wolff could hold him to an 18-yard gain.

"He's a pretty dang good football player," O'Brien said of Smith. "He's not overwhelmed by anything."

Including Wolff and Smith, there are five freshmen on the secondary's two-deep.  Frightening and exciting at the same time.