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NC State Breezes By Gardner-Webb On Russell Wilson's Record Night

Box Score / Photos

Dana Bible seemed intent from the start to give Russell Wilson the opportunity to break the NCAA INT-less streak against the Bulldogs, calling seven pass plays on the Pack's opening 10-play touchdown drive.  By the end of the third quarter, Wilson had the record on a completion to freshman James Washington.  Wilson finished the night 26-36 (72.2%) for 345 yards (9.6 yds/att)--it's his most prolific outing to date.  The streak stands at 329 and counting.  Let's go for 500, yes?

And although he was sacked a surprising number of times--mostly the result of hanging onto the ball when he should've been getting rid of it--he showed the elusiveness that makes him so much fun to watch on several occasions. There was one first half play in particular where he juked the entire G-W defensive line with some forwards-backwards dancing and ended up having about six seconds to throw the football. I'm guessing that won't make the TOB show since it ended in an incompletion.

The rushing numbers don't look too impressive, but there's 20 sack yards and a 21-yard loss courtesy a snap over Mike Glennon's head included in the final tally.  Led by Toney Baker's 10 carry, 71 yard effort, NC State running backs ran the ball a total of 22 times for 123 yards (5.6 YPC).  Baker, Washington, and Barnes each averaged better than four yards per carry.

On the receiving end, George Bryan was all over the place (6-89, 2 TDs) and Darrell Davis had a fine first half as well.



Toney Flyin' In

Another angle on Baker's score.


Wilson Stiff Arm

Wilson stiff arming some poor sap.



Easy money for T.J. Graham.


Spencer Airborne

This is the hit that injured Owen Spencer.  Hard to tell, but he does have the ball in his hands at this point.  The Bulldogs defensive back hit Spencer on his left side, causing a mid-air spin that brought him down violently on his right shoulder and head.  I was certain he'd separated his shoulder or broken his collar bone, but turns out it was a concussion.  The football gods giveth (Bowens) and they taketh away.