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Touchdowns Before Checkdowns

-- This would have made for a great t-shirt while he was here:

"Coach Bowden stresses touchdowns before checkdowns, not checkdowns then touchdowns. He lets me be who I am. He understands who I am as a quarterback."

How touching.

"Coach Bowden and I understand each other," Beck said. "Sometimes he calls plays and says, 'We want to throw deep on this one so just take the shot, go do it.' That's a little different than what I've ever had. It was always, 'Don't lose the game,' 'Don't throw that,' 'Check it down to the fullback, throw it short, take that stuff.'

If you ain't 20 yards down field, you do not exist.

"Obviously, it was a difficult couple years at N.C. State," Beck said. "Whatever happened, happened. I've always felt that I've been able to play the quarterback position at high level. Now it's probably a combination of everything, but the truth is I've got receivers here who understand who I am as a quarterback. It works out better."

Obviously, that was the problem--his receivers at State didn't take the time to peel away his many layers and get to the real Harrison Beck.  Certainly it couldn't have been lazy mechanics or anything like that.  Just look at the sound fundamentals he's showing off in the photo accompanying the article.  Also, his collection of receivers at this Div-II school are awesomer; you know, the kinds of guys who transferred down two levels because they're so awesome. (Update: If I'd checked YANCSSB before writing this I could've saved myself the trouble.)

-- Pittsburgh's fans expect their team to win on Saturday, and considering we laid an egg in our only televised game this season, I guess I can't blame them.

Zap_Rowsdower: NCState starts two freshman in the seconday. I predict Bill Stull will complete 20 out of 24 passes (with 4 dropped ) and wins BE player of the week.

Paul Zeise: Well, if he does that then I think Pitt wins going away. But I do agree with your larger point (i think) that Stull and Jonathan Baldwin should be able to connect for a few big plays this week against that secondary.

The only reason I highlight the above is to commend that guy's choice of screen names.  "I wonder if there's beer on the sun."

-- Baseball America's Aaron Fitt thinks Russell Wilson could go as high as the 3rd round in next year's MLB draft, and if that is at all accurate, 2009 will be his final football season.

-- Pittsburgh hasn't been very good on 3rd downs so far this season, but it doesn't worry offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti:

The Panthers' offense has been productive in the red zone (16 of 16) but has not been nearly as effective on third down. Pitt offensive coordinator Frank Cignetti, though, isn't overly concerned. "Our goal is to maximize possessions in the red zone," Cignetti said. "When you look at third downs, we've had drops and penalties. Are we concerned about our third-down package? Absolutely not. We have total confidence."

Considering how good they've been on 1st and 2nd down, he probably shouldn't be worried.  Their 1st & 2nd down success rates are both above 50%.  They've been excellent on 1st downs in particular: 6 yards per carry, 21-28 for 265 yards passing (9.5 per attempt).