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NC State 88, Florida State 81

Four Factors NC State
Florida St.
eFG% 55.7 49.1
Turnover Rate 24.4 18.9
Off Reb Rate 48.3 36.1
FT Rate 66.0 59.6


FSU 81 73.9 109.6 119.1
NCSU 88 73.9 119.1 109.6


Box Score

Catch, one dribble to the left, pop. Good.

"Now that is ridiculous."

             -- Dan Bonner with six and change to go.

Scott Wood's night in a nutshell.  Wood wasn't free on that particular attempt; Michael Snaer was with him all the way.  It didn't matter.  With that shot, NC State put another dagger in another attempt at a rally by Florida State.  On a night in which Tracy Smith finished 1-8 from the field and Javier Gonzalez fouled out with more than four minutes to go, Wood was the one-man answer.