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Previewing Duke

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Duke Offense 08-09
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 50.5 106
Turnover Rate 17.4 21
Off Reb Rate 37.5 32
FTA/FGA 41.3 46
Duke Offense 09-10
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 53.8 29
Turnover Rate 16.4 12
Off Reb Rate 40.7 13
FTA/FGA 36.4 192







(Note: liveblog on.) 

Behold the honkeynaut.  There is not a single thing that this offense, which ranks first in adjusted offensive efficiency, does poorly.  A team that shoots well inside, outside, from the line, takes care of the ball like that and offensive rebounds like that?  It's almost unfair.  Running your offense through three guys--Singler, Scheyer, Smith--who shoot well and take care of the basketball is a luxury that allows for some scary-good efficiency.



Jon Scheyer (6-5, 190) -- Tough to argue against Scheyer as ACC Player of the Year right now.  He's hitting over 50% of his twos, 38.3% of his threes, 90.5% of his free throws, while turning the ball over a measly 10.4% of the time.  No wonder his offensive rating is the fourth best in the country.

Nolan Smith (6-2, 185) -- A lot of Gerald Henderson's possessions have ended up in Smith's hands, and so far, so good.  Fifty percent three-point shooting helps.

Kyle Singler (6-8, 230) -- I guess Singler's season would have to be considered a mild disappointment at this point.  His numbers are down in a lot of areas despite a lighter workload.  I would've bet on a big game from him were it not for his wrist injury.  Let's hope it's plenty sore.

Lance Thomas (6-8, 225) -- You got Lanced!  The day that phrase landed on Duke's cheer sheet is the day the Cameron Crazies removed any remaining doubt they were skating by on reputation alone.  Perhaps they threw it in there for the irony of it, as there are no known Lancings on record.  Unless you count all the times he hacks the shit out of somebody.  I appreciate him for being a Duke player with the courtesy to suck yet despise him for no apparent reason.  This is what the Duke uniform does to me.

Miles Plumlee (6-10, 240) -- Fantastic rebounder at both ends and a 65.5% shooter in the paint.  Needs to get the turnover rate down but he's otherwise been a brilliant role player. 


Andre Dawkins (6-4, 190), Brian Zoubek (7-1, 260), Mason Plumlee (6-10, 230), Ryan Kelly (6-10, 220)


Zoubek: 8.5
Mi. Plumlee: 6.4
Ma. Plumlee: 6.3
Thomas: 5.3
Kelly: 4.7

"Ok but on my way out, I'm going to be doing this [windmills arms], and if you get hit, it's your own fault."  




Duke Defense 08-09
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 47.8 108
Turnover Rate 23.3 30
Off Reb Rate 32.9 179
FTA/FGA 31.0 56
Duke Defense 09-10
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 41.9 9
Turnover Rate 22.1 107
Off Reb Rate 32.9 178
FTA/FGA 33.7 108







As per usual, Duke makes life outside the arc impossible for opponents, funneling them inside whether they like it or not.  What's especially scary about this team is its wealth of interior size, which is a perfect complement to that philosophy.  Their opponents' results haven't been pretty.

The Pomeroy Predictor likes Duke by 14.