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NC State 88, Duke 74

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 62.7 43.0
Turnover Rate 12.9 20.0
Off Reb Rate 20.7 43.6
FT Rate 47.3 57.9


Duke 74 70 105.7 125.7
NCSU 88 70 125.7 105.7

Box Score

Wow.  That was easily the most efficient performance by a Duke opponent this season, just the second time the Blue Devils have allowed someone to crack 1.1 points per possession.  Nobody's shot the ball better against Duke than the Wolfpack did, and only Wisconsin turned the ball over less often.  Just a fantastic performance all around, for the full forty minutes

-- The Macrowave was on last night, and it's a beautiful thing to watch when he is.  He hit some tough shots but should also thank the guards for setting up some easy ones with great passes.  Farnold's no-look dish to him was one of the night's many highlights.

-- Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer scored 43 between them but were a combined 11-32 (39.1 eFG%) from the field.  They weren't able to heat up in the second half and neither was the Duke offense; in fact the Blue Devils shot the ball significantly worse over the final 20, a very rare sight in recent series history.

-- State grabbed 10% of its misses in the first half while allowing the Devils 57.9% of their misses, and although the Pack did not win the rebounding battle in the second half either, they limited Duke to just 30% of its misses.

-- NC State had a +2 turnover margin in the first half, +3 in the second.  Never saw that one coming.  Farnold Degand and Javier Gonzalez combined for 14 assists against 3 turnovers.

-- Game ball goes to Dennis for playing so well despite the injury and a rough first couple of minutes.