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Maryland 88, NC State 64

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 40.9 59.3
Turnover Rate 16.4 13.4
Off Reb Rate 38.6 37.5
FT Rate 24.2 61.1


UMD 88 67.1 131.1 95.3
NCSU 64 67.1 95.3 131.1


Box Score (pdf)

Not much to be said about this one except that NC State's defensive effort reminded me of the worst parts of the last two years and, fellas, if we could not do this again I'd really appreciate it.  NC State took control of the glass in the second half and only turned the ball over once, but there the positives end.  The shots stopped falling and Maryland, meanwhile, took advantage of just about every opportunity afforded them.  The Terps shot 75% in the 2nd and averaged over 1.4 points per trip...pretty easy to run away from your opponent with that sort of production.

Burn the tape and let's move on.