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North Carolina 77, NC State 63

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 44.9 56.1
Turnover Rate 15.1 15.1
Off Reb Rate 22.2 33.3
FT Rate 18.6 38.6


UNC 77 66.3 116.1 95.0
NCSU 63 66.3 95.0 116.1


Box Score

For the second consecutive game, NC State's offensive and defensive performances fell off a cliff in the second half, this time punctuated by a crippling eight minute scoring drought that began with the Wolfpack up five and ended with them down six.  By the time Tracy Smith ended the drought with a bucket at the 8:50 mark, the margin may as well have been 20.  Carolina remained calm and in firm control, while NC State had been rattled to the point of stupidity.  Dumb, panicked shots down the stretch assured there would be no comeback.

It was disappointing to watch them come apart like that, but not surprising, not against the Heels.

Carolina turned the ball over in the second half at the rate we've come to expect from them, but they shot 63.5% to State's 35.5% and continued to control the boards at both ends.  Those advantages provided more than enough cushion.

Now let's all freak out and set ourselves on fire.