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NC State 77, NC Central 42

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 62.2 30.6
Turnover Rate 19.7 24.6
Off Reb Rate 43.5 29.7
FT Rate 68.9 30.6


NCCU 42 60.9 68.9 126.4
NCSU 77 60.9 126.4 68.9


Box Score

True to form, North Carolina Central neither made twos (9-35, 25.7%) nor prevented its opponent from making them (State shot 65.8% inside).  After the coaching staff slapped everyone upside the head at halftime, NC State dispensed with the outside jumper entirely and patiently worked the ball into the delicious nougat center of the Eagles' zone defense.  The Macrowave matched the number of field goals made by Central in the second half all by himself.

2nd Half OFF_EFF eFG% TO% OR% FTR
NCCU 65.5 20.0 11.9 26.9 43.3
NCSU 148.9 80.4 14.9 44.4 91.3


Brief notes:

-- Javi was held out of the starting lineup for violating a team rule. 

-- Richard Howell finished with six rebounds in 14 minutes. 

-- There were just nine available boards at NC State's end in the second half.  The Pack grabbed four of them.

-- Josh Davis made all four of his free throw attempts.  I guess he just needs a practice-like atmosphere.