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Skip Ahead To 1 PM On Saturday

State's performance against Holy Cross on Wednesday was the continuation of a larger pattern, one that could be meaningless but is worth keeping an eye on nonetheless:

1st Half 100.7 49.5 21.1 33.5 24.6
2nd Half 112.5 56.7 19.3 32.4 41.8

[Full season numbers; Wake Forest game not included.]

NC State has scored 50+ second half points four times.  Dare I say coaching adjustments?  No I dare not.  Defensively, NC State has allowed 0.9 pts/poss in the first half and 0.96 in the second.  In terms of efficiency margin, First Half NC State has performed like a team unworthy of any sort of post-season, while Second Half NC State has performed like a solid bubble team.

Jimmy Dykes's analysis:

I think clearly when you look at this team, you see a team lacking a sense or urgency.  When you get to the gym, breakfast time's over and let's get this thing going.  Good teams have that killer instinct; they're at your throat from the get-go, and when they've got you down, they keep you there.  The leaders have step up and set the tone with intensity.  Right now I'm just not seeing that from this team that I haven't seen play this year.

For relaxing times, make it Javi time.