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Previewing Virginia

2009 Scouting Report / 2009 Game Plan / 2010 Scouting Report / 2010 Game Plan
2010 Stats
2010 Roster
2010 Schedule


Virginia Offense 08-09
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 46.3 276
Turnover Rate 20.6 188
Off Reb Rate 34.6 101
FTA/FGA 32.2 280
Virginia Offense 09-10
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 52.7 60
Turnover Rate 16.7 18
Off Reb Rate 32.6 186
FTA/FGA 31.2 292







Athletics Director Craig Littlepage: Will you take the Zeglinski challenge? *hands over a blindfold, a whistle, and a Zima*

Tony Bennett: I don't...

Littlepage: Hang on--Gillen's blowing up my cell. Must be drunk dialing again.

Bennett: But it's two in the afternoon.

Littlepage: If you don't have a point, Bennett, don't open your mouth.

*musters up sunny disposition, reluctantly answers phone*

Pete, baby, what it is? No, I haven't seen Elton Brown's pants.  Haha, 'Holland at ya boy.' No, yeah, no, that's funny every time. I mean it would be better if I were Terry Holland but still.

*extended silence; rolls eyes, makes 'blah blah blah' motion with hand*

Shhh shh shh.  Pete, Pete, Pete, come on, of course your material is good.  You know I don't deal in empty chortles. You slay me. And the fan base, but that's neither here nor there.  Uh huh.  Uh huh.  You survived a car bomb?!  Are you okay?  What? Oh.  Right.  Listen, gotta run.  Got the interior decorator here and we're havin' a little color swatch discovery session.  Of course you'll be the first to know when the head job's open again.

*hangs up*

Bennett (Wearing blindfold.): What?  Who's talking?

Littlepage: Good.  You're hired.  Please accept this cell phone as a signing bonus.


Sammy Zeglinski (6-0, 182) --Tony Bennett, magic man?

ORtg %Shots eFG% 2FG% 3FG% FT%
2009 87.3 21.4 46.2 45.4 31.4 57.1
2010 111.2 19.3 65.6 48.3 49.2 75.0

It remains to be seen how Zeglinski handles his second trip through the ACC, but I think it's safe to say he's new and improved.  How stunningly useful he's become.

Calvin Baker (6-2, 190) -- Baker was a decent role player on Virginia's last NCAA tournament team but hasn't been able to find his shooting touch in the years since.  Bennett has done a lot of mixing and matching with his lineups (nine different guys have started a game), so Baker may not get the nod and regardless probably won't log a lot of minutes.

Sylven Landesberg (6-6, 207) -- His workload has increased significantly, leaving no questions about who leads the Cavs offensively.  His shooting numbers are mostly in line with last year's, and he's managed to increase his assist rate and lower his turnover rate.  He's a big reason why this Virginia team is taking better care of the ball.  As was the case last season, he'll do most of his shooting inside the arc, where's he's scoring at a passable rate.

Will Sherrill (6-9, 217) --A walk-on doing a nice job in a limited role.

"Quite frankly, I believe that Will Sherrill can do anything," said Leon Modeste, who coached Sherrill in high school. "I firmly believe Will Sherrill will be president of the country."

If he continues to hit 40% of his threes, he'll win some votes.

Mike Scott (6-8, 239) -- In terms of %Shots, Scott was approximately the seventh fiddle in 2009, an outrage in every sense.  Mike Scott is not entirely free at last but has taken his rightful place among the team's primary contributors.  I guess it helps to have a coach who doesn't have his senses clouded with rage.  It seems like Scott is flying under the radar, perhaps a byproduct from last season.  If he keeps this production up (58.9 eFG%, 23.9 %shots, 14.1 TO%, 10.4 OR%, 26.7 DR%), though, more mainstream praise is only a matter of time.


Mustapha Farrakhan (6-4, 175), Jeff Jones (6-4, 190), Jerome Meyinsse (6-9, 233), Jontel Evans (5-11, 185), Assane Sene (7-0, 234).  Farrakhan is pumping the brakes after a rough 2009 that saw him take way too many shots, and the results thus far are pretty good.  From beyond the arc, anyway.  The guy still can't hit a two to save his life.  Can't say the same for Jones's workload, but nobody's going to complain so long as he's money from outside.

Sene's job is to rebound and block shots, and he does those things well.


Virginia Defense 08-09
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 49.1 162
Turnover Rate 19.5 216
Off Reb Rate 33.0 183
FTA/FGA 34.9 138
Virginia Defense 09-10
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 48.2 155
Turnover Rate 19.7 223
Off Reb Rate 25.2 3
FTA/FGA 27.9 32







The Cavs don't turn opponents over and I think their FG% defense will prove suspect in conference play, so it is vital that they continue to do such a brilliant job of locking down the defensive glass.

The Pomeroy Predictor says flip another coin.

(Irrelevant fun fact: this game features two of the top ten FT% "defenses" in the nation.  Arms up!)