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Virginia 70, NC State 62

Four Factors NC State
eFG% 44.2 47.2
Turnover Rate 13.9 15.4
Off Reb Rate 22.9 29.0
FT Rate 50.0 37.0


UVA 70 64.9 107.8 95.5
NCSU 62 64.9 95.5 107.8


Box Score

After Dennis Horner was called for an offensive foul with 11:20 to go, Virginia outscored the Wolfpack 34-17, including 21 points in the final five and a half minutes.  The Cavs got the turnovers under control and picked up their shooting in the second half.  State took care of it as well but its field goal percentage took a nose dive and the team once again struggled to hit free throws.

Another missed opportunity, and now our prospects are looking very bad indeed.