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Virginia Tech Week: Random Thoughts And Baseless Predictions

I haven't had any time this week to read about the matchup.  Not that that's ever stopped me before.

VT Yds/Play
Opp Yds/Play
vs. Boise St.
vs. JMU
vs. ECU
at. BC


1.) Another run-heavy foe on the horizon.  Virginia Tech has run the ball on 69.2% of its plays from scrimmage this season, which is right in line with the last two seasons.  There's been only one season since 2004 during which the Hokies ran the ball less than 63% of the time.  So much like Georgia Tech, the more they're able to run the ball, the happier they're going to be.  Unfortunately, that doesn't do us much good from a preparation standpoint.  Stupid non-transferable lessons learned from an antique wishbone offense.

2.) Tyrod Taylor has completed 65.3% of his pass attempts this season and has been effective (if inconsistent) even when opponents shut down the ground game.  I keep going back to the fourth quarter of the Central Florida game and how poorly we adjusted to Jeff Godfrey's mobility.  But I expect we've tightened a few screws since then.  If we're able to take advantage of a struggling VT offensive line and slow their running backs, containment becomes all the more important.

3.) Taylor Gentry's crowd-wowing versatility will be on full display when he completes a Gordie Howe hat trick. Lockofweek_medium

4.) I think Virginia Tech is better than NC State, and that Vegas has this one pegged correctly.  However, ... well, I don't really have anything here.  I'm not ready for the sobriety that comes with defeat and I remain unwilling to consider negative outcomes.  NC State 28, Virginia Tech 24.