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FSU Week: Final Impressions

1.) Can we play well enough in the trenches in order to win this game?  I'm not sure.  Defensively, we can't get consistent pressure when we only bring four guys, which forces more risks on our part and creates more problems.  Florida State's offensive line is probably the best we've seen all year, and their ground game has been excellent behind the big uglies.  I worry that we'll be unable to slow that down.

Offensively, it is of course pivotal that Russell Wilson be kept off of his back.  FSU's defense has piled up sacks at an impressive rate this year.  I don't expect us to have much success running the ball against these guys.

2.) The checkerboarded student section will look great until a roving band of wild chess pieces attacks and devours section eight. In a bizarre coincidence, FSU's band, missing in action once again, will be represented by the NC Central chess team.  As drunk and terrified students flee, the appropriately named Fightin' Bishop Wranglers will halt the carnage.

3.) I could get used to this big game in late October thing, though I'm having trouble thinking clearly at the moment.  Our chances of winning the division aren't good even with a victory over FSU--we'll be fortunate to split road trips to Clemson and Carolina and I don't see the Seminoles losing a second conference game--but it sure would be nice to keep the dream alive for another week.