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NC State 28, Florida State 24

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Box Score

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(Yds/carry stats are sack adjusted.)

I'm exhausted just thinking back through the game; emotionally, that was one cruelly up-and-down affair.  Another good start followed by a second quarter fade that had me counting us out at halftime.  Then a score to start the third quarter, then the turnover we desperately needed, followed by a quick score to tie it up, ... and then the insanity that was the last five minutes of the game.  The Pack's go-ahead drive pretty much covered the whole spectrum of emotion. 

A few thoughts about that final drive:

Was Darrell Davis in or did the officials get that one right?  It was impossible to tell from my seat at the other end of the field.  At the time I was angry that the play didn't warrant a review, but maybe the guys in the booth had enough time to look at it.  I thought we should have waited longer to snap the ball on the play following that one--I think the snap came with 20+ seconds on the play clock.  I get the thought process--go quickly to keep FSU's defense on its heels, plus the ball was at the half yard line and it probably wouldn't matter that Davis had been called down--but as it turned out, that review could have been pivotal.

When we called timeout after bringing the field goal unit onto the field, this was my immediate reaction (on Twitter, naturally): "If we kick this FG, it's the worst call TOB has ever made."  By "ever" I actually meant in his entire career, but then I was pretty pissed off at the time.  A field goal there is almost never correct, and that's not even taking into account the things we've seen this year--namely, two late-fourth quarter drives for scores by previous opponents.  So kudos to Dana Bible for imploring TOB to go for six during the timeout. 

I could kiss you, George Bryan.