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Set Your Calendars For Liveblog

Now that basketball season is back, it's about time for the return of the liveblog.  If things go as planned in Charleston next weekend, NC State will play a pair of games on ESPNU, including, with luck, the championship game against Georgetown on Sunday the 21st.  Sounds like a good time for the first official liveblog of the season, though I'm going to plan one for the Friday game as well. The timing of that one is awkward (6 PM), so I'm afraid you'll need to leave work early.  I'm sure your bosses will understand.  Oh, yeah, the liveblog, of course!

And who knows, maybe we'll liveblog the Carolina game on Saturday, if there's interest.  Could be a whole weekend of liveblog action.  There may even be some triumph.

If you haven't participated in one before, I hope you'll give it a shot this season.  They make the losing a lot easier to take.  Where else on the internet can you swear with people you've never met while watching a sporting event?  Everywhere else?  Oh.


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