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Charleston Classic Schedule And Scenarios

The opening round of the Charleston Classic begins tomorrow afternoon, and NC State will take the court at 6 PM.  That game will be televised by MASN.  Here's the tournament bracket, edited to reflect the additional coverage provided by MASN.

As far as game times and TV coverage go, here are the possibilities:


Play ECU in opening round at 6 PM eastern on MASN.


Win Thurs: play winner of GMU/Charlotte game at 6 PM on ESPNU.
Lose Thurs: play loser of GMU/Charlotte game at 8:30 PM on MASN.


Win Thurs, Win Fri: play in tournament championship game at 8 PM on ESPNU.
Win Thurs, Lose Fri: play in tournament consolation game at 5:30 PM on ESPNU.

Lose Thurs, Win Fri: play in losers bracket "championship" game at 2 PM. No TV.
Lose Thurs, Lose Fri: play at 11:30 AM. No TV.

Everybody got that? There's also this handy flow chart.