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Is This The Super Bowl Or Ain't It?

If there is one thing about this week every year that's more annoying than anything else, it's this damn back-and-forth about who cares about the game more and who cares less and why is that the case and is that really the case and how one approach must be wrong based on the past X number of games.  Carolina does a fine job of projecting indifference, whether they buy it or not, while we tend to be our own worst enemies--printing "state championship" t-shirts during a losing season, for example--and on and on it goes.  Probably it's a little overstated in both directions.

It is my hope that some day the head coaches will hold a joint press conference and announce that each one cares about the game exactly as much--but not too much, mind you, that could be unhealthy--as his counterpart.  Then we can get back to concerning ourselves with stuff that might actually affect the outcome on the field.

Maybe in the mean time we could get the ball rolling on some "Yeah This Is My Super Bowl, Because Fuck You That's Why" shirts.  If the label's going to be there all the time, true or not, folks might as well revel in it.  In a related note, join me on Twitter tomorrow for a string of Super Bowl-related jokes.