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NC State Is Back In The Polls

Checking in at #23 in the Coaches' Poll and #21 in the AP Poll.  This didn't work out so well the other two times, but I'm sure the third time is the charm.

In other news:

-- DTH:

In the postgame, free safety Deunta Williams said that the personal foul along with a previous one earlier in the drive by Williams were precipitated by Wolfpack players spitting in the Tar Heels’ faces.

-- State-Carolina photo gallery from the N&O.

-- Reactions: Tudor / DeCock.

-- We should know about Jarvis Williams's status for next week at some point today:

Williams and Reddick were ejected after a scrum at the back of the end zone after Owen Spencer's nearly miraculous touchdown catch for N.C. State in the third quarter.

ACC associate commissioner Mike Finn said the referee, Brad Allen, will file a report after the game. If Allen rules that either player was fighting, a suspension for the next game is possible.

If Allen cites the players for flagrant fouls, they won't be suspended. Finn expects a decision today.

I'm not sure anything Williams did could be construed as fighting, but who knows.