A sobering historical perspective on our football success, or lack thereof

We have finished with a winning record in ACC play just twice in the past 15 years. Both times it was 5-3 (2002 and 1998).

The last time we finished better than 5-3 in ACC play was 1994 (6-2).

The last time we finished with 1 loss in ACC play? 1979, when we went 5-1 in conference and won our last title. That was also the last time we did not lose an ACC road game (we only played 2).

You'd have to go back to Lou Holtz's 1973 team to find a Pack squad with a better conference winning percentage than the 0.875 we'd have if we won out. And of course, we've had a 10 win season only once before in our history.

None of this has any effect on what will happen over the next 4 games. But it shows that going undefeated from here on out would be an almost unprecedented success for this program. A 3-1 record down the stretch would be outstanding - and that would not guarantee us a place in the conference title game.