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NC State Goes To Elevens, Handles Pfeiffer

Four Factors NC State Pfeiffer
eFG% 62.3 39.7
Turnover Rate 14.4 22.8
Off Reb Rate 41.2 37.0
FT Rate 35.6 17.9


Pfffft 73 83.5 87.4 132.9
NCSU 111 83.5 132.9 87.4


Box Score

Tracy was Tracy, scoring 17 points on 8-12 shooting; Richard Howell did his usual thing, grabbing 10 rebounds in 16 minutes; and the freshman impressed, scoring efficiently and flashing some of the athleticism we've been expecting from them.

I only caught the last ten minutes or so (if you attended the game, please share any and all thoughts), but I saw enough to know that these kids are going to be a hell of a lot of fun.  They'll make frustrating freshman mistakes, but mostly they'll be fun.  There was one play where Ryan Harrow broke the ankles of his defender with a crossover along the left wing, dribbled into the clear and banked a shot home...I nearly cried tears of joy right there.