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Bowl Ticket Sales Update, Plus Other Items

-- According to this report from the N&O, State's bowl ticket sales have topped 8,500, and that number does not include purchases made through Ticketmaster or directly through the bowl.  Including those other sources, NC State fans have probably accounted for at least 10,000 tickets.  That's better than I was expecting.

-- This is a great time killer: the ACC Vault is an archive of basketball games dating back to the early 1980s.  There are a bunch of State/Carolina games available, including the upset in '07, the CC Harrison game in '98, and the Pack's ACC tournament triumph in '87.  I watched quite a bit of the '98 game, and I have to say I had totally forgotten what a bitch Vince Carter was.  Here's one of my favorite moments.  Carter throws Benjamin to the ground and the ref is right there and just stares at Osh.  That really makes the whole thing.  Ah, the '90s.

-- Sports Illustrated named Nate Irving a first-team All-American.

-- Bill Stewart will stick around to coach WVU in 2011, but the job is Dana Holgorsen's beginning in 2012. 

-- Sid is starting to worry about the team's health:

"I'm a little concerned. I'm a little concerned because with Tracy being out and then Jordan [Vandenberg] getting hurt. That's two centers," Lowe said on his radio show on Monday night. "That's two players in the same position as well as Javi's [Gonzalez] been in there with Charlie [Rozanski] (Director of sports medicine) the last couple of days as well working on some stuff. I'm a little concerned about it but I think we'll be okay."

The sophomore seven-footer Jordan Vandenberg injured his left ankle late in the Wolfpack's win over USC Upstate on Saturday. N.C. State's doctors classified the injury as a sprain and Vandenberg isn't expected to miss much time.

Not expected to miss much time = one game? No games?  Tim Peeler's recap of the Upstate win mentioned that Javi suffered a thigh injury, but since he came back afterward I'm going to assume that's not a big deal.