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NC State 72, Delaware State 70 -- Season-Killer Averted

Four Factors NC State Delaware St
eFG% 50.0 50.9
Turnover Rate 20.2 17.1
Off Reb Rate 35.5 31.4
FT Rate 52.9 35.2


DSU 70 64.4 108.7 111.8
NCSU 72 64.4 111.8 108.7


Box Score

I don't know that there's anything new to mention here.  Delaware State scored almost 1.3 points per possession in the second half while beating the Pack in all four factors.  They shot 54%, grabbed 41% of their misses, and went to the line 19 times.  You play with fire long enough and this shit is going to happen.  The Hornets have a pair of legitimately good outside shooters; naturally, we lost track of both from time to time and paid for it.  Those two happen to be DSU's only two outside threats, so you wouldn't think it that difficult to account for them. 

Ultimately, because we couldn't focus long enough to get rid of them, it became a four minute game.  Anything can happen in four minutes.  A career 25% three-point shooter can hit a three to tie the game at 68, for instance. 

We caught the last second break this time.  Sid's final play didn't quite go the way he drew it up and Ryan Harrow fired another blank from beyond the arc, but Scott Wood was in the right place at the right time to grab the miss and score his only bucket.

Lord knows what Sid's thinking as he glances at that scoreboard. Aside from I can breathe again, that is.