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Carter-Finley Is Getting A New Scoreboard

"We will be purchasing a new scoreboard for Carter Finley that will be a significant improvement," writes N.C. State’s athletics director, Debbie Yow, in an e-mail about her plans for the coming year. "Our focus for the Spring will be the pursuit of private funding for a number of modest yet valuable facility improvements ..."
That's great news, because while the current scoreboard is adequate, it became outdated in a hurry as schools started building HD scoreboards.  Building ours when we did was just unfortunate timing.  According to the portion of the article that isn't behind TBJ's pay wall, NC State is trying to raise about $6 million for this and a number of other minor improvements.  I hope this is a sign that they're committed to enhancing some of the non-revenue sports as well.

In other news, here's a nice article about Javon Walker, who stuck with his studies despite a career-ending knee injury and earned his degree.

Merry Christmas, everybody.  I'll be back on Monday with the next thrilling hoops preview.