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Previewing Alabama A&M

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Alabama A&M Offense 09-10
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 40.4 347
Turnover Rate 22.1 264
Off Reb Rate 33.1 158
FTA/FGA 48.1 12
Alabama A&M Offense 10-11
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 40.7 338
Turnover Rate 23.7 289
Off Reb Rate 30.5 244
FTA/FGA 21.3 345






Last year's Alabama A&M team ranked dead last in three categories--eFG%, 2FG%, DR%--which could be a record for all of the teams I've previewed in this space over the years.  The current squad ranks last in just one category so far, so they have that going for them.  Their offense is bad in every possible way, ranking no higher than 221st in any of the various components Ken Pomeroy's website tracks.  They are among college basketball worst from two, from three, and from the line.  They turn the ball over a ton.  They can't rebound or draw fouls.

Their two highest scorers manage the lower reaches of double digits through sheer force of bulk heavage.  I can't say I blame them for the effort; I've just glanced at what they have to work with and I don't trust the help either.  Nothing says "worst of the worst" quite like a couple of high-usage scorers with effective field goal percentages under 40%. 

I wonder if the coaches ever get together when they're preparing for the likes of A&M and give them the once-over MST3K-style.  It would go a long way toward explaining the Delaware State game, now that I think about it.


Jeremy Crutcher (5-8, 160) -- Turns the ball over a bunch, can't shoot inside or out.  When his 25.2 assist percentage is adjusted for his teammates, it comes out to 394.6%...wait, no, that can't be right.  It would be right if there were any justice in this world, though.

Casey Cantey (6-5, 190) -- A career 40% two-point shooter and 27% three-point shooter, he's shooting 29% and 30%, respectively, this season.  He's second on the team in scoring.  Bulk heavage.  Under normal circumstances, a 34% shooter wouldn't be allowed to take a quarter of his team's shots but rather would be doing his team's laundry or running track or whatever it is that people who can't play basketball usually do.

Cornelius Hester (6-3, 170) -- He's taking 30% of the shots and shooting 38% from the field.  Some guys are talented enough to at least partially obscure the fact that they are indiscriminate shooters.  Not this guy.  

Bo Amusa (6-6, 205) -- Good rebounder and shot blocker for his size, and he's actually made more than half of his two-point attempts.

Jerome Hunter (6-10, 230) -- Hunter is a solid rebounder but an afterthought at the offensive end, likely with good reason considering he's shooting 43% and turns the ball over a bunch.


Desmond Jackson (6-1, 190), DeMarquelle Tabb (6-5, 210), Jonathan Inman (6-5, 215), Reggie Porter (5-9, 145).  Jackson is easily the Bulldogs' most effective scorer this season, as he's making 44% of his threes and 56% of his twos.  It's all a mirage, of course.  Still, kudos to him for bouncing back from a 2010 season that saw him post a turnover rate higher than his effective field goal percentage.

Alabama A&M Defense 09-10
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 48.1 137
Turnover Rate 26.2 5
Off Reb Rate 40.8 347
FTA/FGA 43.1 273
Alabama A&M Defense 10-11
Four Factors Percent Nat'l Rank
eFG% 53.5 308
Turnover Rate 23.7 53
Off Reb Rate 41.3 335
FTA/FGA 45.6 288






There is some consistency at this end, as the Bulldogs regularly force a lot of turnovers and give up a bunch of offensive boards.  The pace of their games also tends to be fast.  That looks to me like a team that presses a lot, but it could just as well be a short team swiping at everything that moves in the half court. 

The Pomeroy Predictor likes NC State by 26.