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NC State 82, Alabama A&M 51

Four Factors NC State Alabama A&M
eFG% 62.7 31.8
Turnover Rate 20.7
Off Reb Rate 30.8 38.8
FT Rate 43.1 25.8


A&M 51 67.8 75.3 121.0
NCSU 82 67.8 121.0 75.3


Box Score

Alabama A&M was as bad as advertised, NC State put up a season high shooting percentage, and there wasn't much doubt to this one for very long.  Scott Wood scored 18 points on 6-8 shooting, which is about as efficient as it gets, and CJ Leslie added 14 points and 11 boards.  Leslie is proving himself critical for his rebounding--if he keeps this production up he's going to give Howell a run for the title of team's best rebounder--but continues to require a lot of shots to get his points. 

As far as long term implications go, the big story may be the way Sidney Lowe has opted to use Richard Howell over the last couple of games.  It looks like he has decided that it's okay to play Howell with Leslie on a regular basis, and we've hardly seen Jordan Vandenberg.  Big V got two minutes against A&M and just one minute against Delaware State.  That's a change for the better; it would have been nice to see it sooner, but at least it happened before we hit conference play.  Now the question is how Tracy Smith's return affects the new balance.  Assuming Tracy does return at some point.