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Syracuse 65, NC State 59

Four Factors NC State Syracuse
eFG% 52.9 40.0
Turnover Rate 29.3 7.7
Off Reb Rate 34.4 30.0
FT Rate 21.6 43.3


Syr 65 64.8 100.3 91.1
NCSU 59 64.8 91.1 100.3


Box Score

If the last five minutes of the game didn't make you sick, the statistics certainly will.  A Scott Wood three-pointer put NC State up 56-51 with 9:47 to go; the Pack managed three points the rest of the way.  It was a one-possession game from the nine-minute mark until Brandon Triche made a free throw to put the Orange up four with 17 seconds left.  Syracuse shot 29.6% in the second half and did not make a three-pointer.  Needless to say, the opportunity was there. 

There are positives to build on, at least, which beats what happened in Wisconsin, which was that we went to Wisconsin.  Under the circumstances, it was the best rebounding effort we've had all season.  The team played hard.  They shot well.  But none of those things mean as much as a win would've in this spot.  A breakthrough win is what really would have counted.

The game came down to effective possessions--turnovers--and that's really all there is to it.  NC State turned the ball over eight times after assuming that 56-51 lead.  They finished the night with a -14 margin.  That is a huge differential, especially in a 65-possession game.  Yet they were right there anyway.  Again, the door was open.  Damn shame.