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NC State Likely Headed To Orlando

Ken Tysiac:

Orlando, Fla., appears to be the holiday destination for N.C. State, as the Champs Sports Bowl is expected this evening to formally invite the Wolfpack to the Dec. 28 game.

N.C. State has sent the media information on how to participate in the bowl's team announcement teleconference at 8:45 tonight. That information is not meant to be construed as confirmation that the Wolfpack has accepted an invitation to play in the game, but the school nonetheless is expected to receive - and accept - that invitation.

You can watch the announcement live on tonight.  According to various reports, Maryland is set to accept an invitation to the Military Bowl in D.C., so there isn't much doubt about it: we're going to Orlando.  At this point it sounds like we'll be playing West Virginia rather than Notre Dame.  That's fine with me.